Being is the effortless state of deep stillness, uninterrupted by constructs where we can be in the presence of the whole self, in unity with God or Goddess' consciousness. As we breathe, we become more present in the now moment and can fully live in harmony with our purpose and our souls knowingness. As we fully embrace this freedom we can truly experience the divine love, wisdom and support always available within and around us.    


As we master our state of beingness ,we naturally align to the core creation principle of life which opens us to new perceptions and higher levels of consciousness.  And as we permit this alignment though stillness, we can truly experience the magnificence of who we are and of all life in creation. 



BeingNess ~Eternal Source

infinite Illumination I Am

Being in my perfection

"the eternal river of being,

 is to be in the present moment,  loving all that you are"

As we balance, all comes into balance

As we still, all is still

As we open, all unfolds

As we free ourselves, freedom is for all

As we shift from lack to abundance, abundance is available for all


knowing and loving ourselves through~

~Life~force Connection and union