Conscious Breath~ spirit into form

I breathe, therefore I Am



The Breath is fundamentally a subconscious motion of nourishment for the body. It is a multi-dimensional and sacred union of spirit into form. It contains the sustenance of our existence, our pure pulse point connection; our life-force that is interconnected to the web of life - humanity, our bodies, organs, cells, systems and DNA.  This connection to the Breath is an ever flowing mantra and each breath we take, and the point in between the inhale and exhale (infinity) is the connection to our divine and to spirit. This is our connection to eternal source Mother/Father consciousness and our soul is the light template or blueprint being birthed within the divine trinity of life. 


The prism of life-force is born from this pure creation and each time we breathe we are connected to our souls purity - regardless of our levels of awareness.  However it is our free will to know or perceive this stream of consciousness and to open our hearts to its infinite power and grace, to positively affect our lives. 


We are all breathing - the Earth, the trees, you and me. As we become present and conscious with our breath and bodies, we can cultivate a powerful universal energy and life-force. The universe begins from within our inner plane and is a reflection of the beauty of the universe around us. 


Be guided through this breathing process and feel the changes to your life-force. Find out more.










The Breath of Life* The purest form of direct connection to the eternal source of creation. Our signature and cord to the unity grid and Oneness Consciousness. 



"Breathe in and ignite your beauty breathe out and share your beauty"

"We can intimately know ourselves as we breathe, coming into perfect union with our male/female ONENESS consciousness and multi-dimensional selves."