I Am a feminine Wisdom Guide and share my gifts as a soul alchemist, a healer and priestess,  specialising in Sacred Rose medicine.   I find peace and divinity in nature amongst the flowers, trees and grasses.  I am passionate to restore sacred sisterhood and the vitality and health of the sacred Women.  I work as a plant medicine practitioner and find joy in the magic of life, the Stars, Moon and the Sun. I actively work as a Rose Priestess and womb keeper, creatively weaving song, movement and devotional prayer.    I Am passionate about restoring the conscious communication and relationship with the celestial realms, mother earth, nature, the elementals, fairies, animals, plants, trees and all sentient beings. 


As a Mother, I Am deeply committed to the unfolding path and awareness of children upon the planet.  Working alongside Lemurian children, sensitives and the Hybrids to assist in anchoring new levels of starlight on the planet.  “The children are a blessing and truly brings me home”. 



I share wisdom teachings of self-mastery, sovereignty and The way of The Rose.   Birthed through devotion, personal experience, knowingness and direct teachings from masters, mentors and guides. I offer transmissions, activational vision quests, retreats, soul healing sessions, soul tantra yoga and womb massage. 



As a guide I walk my path with The Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose, the Pleiadian, Sirian, Venusians, Lemurians and celestial beings of light,  to whom I am deeply grateful. 

I Am a conduit of the celestial Light and initiate of the White Gold Order. I serve as a catalyst and voice of the Priestess to empower, heal and awaken the divine Feminine Christ consciousness. 

Lets spiral and Rise together from love!