The Fae Priestess











Activation Pilgrimage 

Forest Of Dean UK ~May 4th, 2020






Come and journey into the magical woods of the Goddess,  within the embrace,   light and energies of the Beltane  New Moon. We will remember the blueprint of the Fae Essence within the planet and the Fae Rose Priestess. 


This is an incredible time of new life when the spirits and elements of nature come alive. When the life-force within weaves toward the soul. 

This is an auspicious and fresh opportunity to reconnect and commune with the spirit, pearls of wisdom and pure life-force of our natural state. The innocent crystalline heart of as a Sovereign being of light. So as to align to the stillness and innocence of the Fae consciousness.  


 We will walk to sacred portals, water springs and listen to the trees within this ancient forest,  to restore and reactivate the light codes within the body and within the body of the land. As we activate these memories and gifts we will awaken the ancient path of the Fae Rose. This is the path of love and healing so as once again bridge the relationship between humanity and the Fae realms for the planet and All life.




The Fae Priestess


The Fae Priestess path is one of the Rose Alchemy initiations & unity rites within the 13 Rose wisdom teachings shared in the Rose Priestess Program. 

This Fae spiral of consciousness is that of co-creational wisdom and light, anchored by the embodied Priestess.  The Priestess is a  channel and empowered way-shower of Fae consciousness and the Divine feminine energies. Sharing her presence and walking the beauty way upon the planet for love and unity. The Fae Priestess is a sacred woman and a leader of new wisdom and Earth Light healing. She is a direct link to the Christed Sophia Council of light and to the Sisterhood of the Rose.

The Fae Priestess is a Rose Priestess within the Magadele Ministry and lineage. A StarLight and angelic shapeshifter who walks the path of the healer and Medicine Women.  Traveling through different dimensions, vortexes and chakras to ignite TRUTH~ LOVE~ & MAGIC into the hearts of all. The Fae Priestess is an avatar of the elements, swims beside the dolphins, dances in the stone circles and sings with the birds. 


She is here to assist in re~opeing the channels of communications between nature and humanity. To live heaven on  earth.  





Beltane New Moon 



The New Moon in Taurus is exact on 4th May at 23: 45 pm,  and offers a beautiful opportunity to deeply prepare, activate and embody the Fae and elemental essence. To honour our body as an elemental and to seed new body templates of crystalline light,  deeply rooted in the Earth. This is time to honour the physical body, to feel, perceive and enjoy the miracles and love always present within and without. This truly is an exciting moment to activate and integrate the Faery Consciousness. To fully honour life by being in nature and aligned with your Souls sacred Destiny.

This is a rich and nourishing New Moon full of mystery and magic and the Taurus Goddess Moon Dancer is awaiting the soft prayers of your dream.


Your body is a temple.   

And is ready to receive the highest light and trajectory of the Soul. 




"We weave  & Breathe with nature in the creation of the Rose, 

Come into the Faery Garden and remember who you are"







Chloe shares a deep love and passion for nature and creating a bridge between the elements and all its beauty,  and humanity.

I believe that nature is the key to healing and knowing thyself as an infinite being and a human walking upon the earth.  

In nature, I have received an Earth Light Healing method to ignite, restore and strengthen the luminous body. Through invocation, and a ceremony there is a  heightening of the sensual awareness within and connection to the subtle channels of the body. This stillness and attunement create the foundations for receiving,  telepathic communication and opening the inner knowing, perspective and sight.

This will be a healing day to walk as the Fae Priestess upon the Beauty way. 


Honouring all life and the path of the Rose as we all birth of the new Golden Age. 





Clare is the founder of Armetis Rising and a guide supporting and empowering individuals and the land.   Nature allowed me to connect all this new life force and consciousness into the Earth. The land grounded my awakening in the physical. I was guided and initiated with the teacher plants and trees of the UK. The more-than-human world provide a framework of teachings and practices to follow, which is what I now offer to others. They taught me long lost druid plant medicines and soul path activation. They schooled me on holding more life force without freaking out, more love without my heart bursting.

My work is a co-creation with Gaia, she works through me and has instructed how to best support women with their highest callings and awakenings.


The Day






 Clare & Chloe are deeply honoured to be sharing this emerging creation key of life. To be stepping softly & consciously upon Gaia within the Fae Light. In this sacred journey will be immersed in nature within the ancient forest full of Magic,  richness & bluebells. 

We will practice the art of listening and divine presence though morning sadhana which is a breath and movement ritual for inner connection, communion and stillness.  We will also, through ceremony,  open our senses to cultivate the still ~point so as to access the portal and the rainbow bridge connecting the Fae and soul consciousness as one.


We will harness Earth Light Healing techniques as we walk, dance, sing and bathe in the forest. 


communing with the land, nature and the Fae light within. 

















Forest of Dean, UK




































Always inLove.