Sisterhood of the Rose


 Divine Christed Feminine

The Path of Divine Love ~  

Throughout the 4 days we will journey through sessions of initiations, The flower of life light transmission over-lighted by the Sisterhood of the Rose. Consisting of invocation, breath and body practices activating the infinity tantric meridian, nourishing and opening the vortex of the of the illumined womb, Heart and third eye centre. The channel of our core light and embodiment. 


We will directly connect with the primordial essence of Gaia, the natural elements and forces of creation in exploring our inner mysteries and medicine. Grounding and embodying these activations in nature, walking and singing and communing with nature and the flowers/Roses. 


Chloe will hold a precious and abundant space to explore new levels of self ~love and connection to the higher self. Opening individuals to the possibility of rebirthing and activating the inner fire, life~force and our primordial cosmic mother essence within.


We will be immersed in ceremonial magic, and sisterhood fun in the temple space and and in nature . We will be creating Rose Essences, take walks, commune with plants and trees, purify our bodies in delicious spring water, create a hearts held, sing and dance withe the fire.  



Day 1

Divine Womb

Womb and breast massage

Day 2

Dive Heart and Emotion

Yoni Steam and cleansng water dip

Day 3

Divine Mind

Cleanings and purification of the spirit and anatomy of the mind. 

Jade Egg Practice 

Day 4

Dive Soul 

unification and sealing of the infinity meridian 

The Union and Embodiment of our divine Feminine. The stillness, gestation, birthing and alive force of creation within and around us.  

We will align and harmonise with our true nature and our life~force 

and to the ~ 




And All as One. 

Cultivating our golden elixir.....


Is God a Man or a Woman ? The answer to this question is neither---- God is That. But if you must give God a gender, God is more female than male, for he is contained in She.
Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

knowing and loving ourselves through~

~Life~force Connection and union