In  these exciting times we are experiencing higher level of feminine energy on our planet once again. This resurgence is not only opening the door to a beautiful and nourishing love~based paradigm but is assisting in birthing a new human consciousness and Earth co~created with love, unity and oneness. As part of this blessing we have the opportunity to experience our true magnificence through divine purification and nourishment to unify our physical and soul bodies.


The new divine energies,  perceptions and embodiments are unlike any other transition that has taken place on Earth.  These evolutionary steps are being conceived and birthed at new levels of consciousness in every breath we take. Drawing upon our (womb) wisdom and deep compassion which has been born from courageously experiencing all expressions of creation for the  advancement of our souls.



These profound energies are also giving rise to and transforming the divine masculine essence to new level of consciousness and in union with the divine feminine.  This union and exquisite alchemy is an advanced path of the feminine teaching for within each being exists male/female, light dark all designed exist in perfect balance and harmony.  This passionate relationship and union of polarities is not only offering each individual the opportunity to step into the new evolutionary path but also deep healing for humanity as whole through unconditional love and Oneness. 



In order to channel and open oneself to the unfolding consciousness of our times, Core Wisdom teaching guide pioneering and practical opportunities for personal purification, nourishment and unification through its teachings and techniques which have been specifically over-lighted by principles of the Divine Feminine. Core Light draws upon this wisdom through combining physical bodywork and spiritual yoga to activate the intermediary and interconnecting mission of the soul towards its destined goal of unity and oneness. 



































The teachings and practices contain alive intelligence to guide us into greater healing empowerment and fulfilment.  The fluid process of purification, nourishment and unity within the technique, session and retreats are brought into being though ~



~Life~force Connection and union


~womb~heart~perception attunement and recalibration ~grounding and awakening the purity and innocence of the body and soul


 ~light body and DNA illumination ~ awakening and embodiment 


~Body, mind emotion and Soul self care and longevity. 

(Influencing the natural cycles and rhythms of the feminine body, hormone, systems and senses.) 


~Divine sensuality and sexuality union


~Fertility ~conception~pregnancy~birth~ parenthood


~ Nourishment to accompany your journey


~empowerment and Self Mastery


~ clarity and expression of Divine gifts and creativity


~ Higher self and soul path integration 


~Joy and Laughter


The work can be acccesed though 1 2 1 sessions, group and retreats at the Core Light Centre or online


More information on the below practices visit  Temple of the Goddess 


~Divine Union


~Crystalline Body Nouishment


~ Self Mastery series ~ Jade Egg`


~ Core Light Women~ Retreat Online





There is also an online membership forum Core Light Forum which is a practical platform to access spiritual and physical practices, inspiration, resources, nourishment and sharing with others. For body soul evolution,  advancement unity and co~creation. 






I am taking this opportunity to open the temple gates of an up and coming Rose Priestess Retreat that I am holding in The Forest of Dean, Uk. This is an intimate Womens' Journey into the sacred Rose within, a vision quest of self-love and realisation.  



Enter into the Temple of the Rose to immerse your body and soul into the essence of the Rose lineage. The Path of the Priestess, Medicine Women andStarseed. We will walk with the Rose Council of Light and receive blessings of illumination, healing and empowerment on paths of Love, Devotion and soul embodiment. This is an alchemical retreat guided by Mary Magdalene and the Magdalene Womb Wisdom to awaken the Rose within and the voice of the heart.


Mary Magdalene resides within the Rose Council of Light, a collective consciousness of ancient sacred feminine life-force and womb wisdom keepers. The Collective rose consciousness was birth in the times of Lemurian passing through the light, sound and fractural blueprint of Venus.  Decesngin into the crystalline grid to form the Rose Temple in the etheric city of light over-lighting Mother Earth. 


Throughout the gathering, we will Practice daily morning soul alchemy sadhana and spring water bathing. We will also enjoy a shamanic Jade Egg womb blessings to connect with the Life-Force within and to activate the Golden Ahnk teaching of sexual magic and healing within the red rose temple. We will also be accompanied by the Rose Alchemy Range of flower essence to support emotional transformation. The ritual will incorporate the awaking voice as we nourish our being and remember the sensual beauty of our hearts and wombs. 


We will be immersed in ceremonial magic and sisterhood in the temple space and beautiful gardens that will be in full bloom.  In nature, we will walk, bathe in the waters, dance in the labyrinth, meditate with Kuan Yin, sing within the fairy grove and practice tree alchemy rituals. 

 We will be exploring our creative nature and life-force with the Rose medicine who will be assisting in grounding and embodying the light activations. 


 Divine Feminine Consciousness

I Am all that I Am



Core Light~ Feminine Oneness 




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