"The Rise of Divine Love as we embody the Goddess"





This is a sacred nourishing sanctuary for those on the path of Unity & Love.  

These are exciting times of intergalactic transformation and we are experiencing higher levels of feminine energy on our planet once again. This resurgence is opening the door to a love~based paradigm and is assisting in birthing a new human consciousness on Earth through us.  As part of this mystery unfolding, we are undergoing deep inner emergence of our soul mastery and chosen destiny through the nourishment of our bodies as temples.  



There is a heightened illumination of the Divine Masculine and Feminine essence on Mother Earth at this time.  This unification is in perfect accordance with the new levels of kundalini light rising and the ascension of the Sun

This rise is awakening the recognition of our own healing and empowerment of the Divine Masculine and Feminine spirit.  This coming together into a sacred relationship is reconnecting us with our primordial life~force, creativity and magic once again.  


In essence, restoring our whole being as enriched and held by the Divine Mother Goddess. 



Our Sisterhood & Brotherhood are re~emerging & Uniting through us. All that we need is within and around us.  





















“Inspiration and wisdom to fulfil your highest potential”

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We are interconnected in the web of eternal life and oneness, journeying through our ascension sweetly.    We can choose to consciously walk on the land and receive natures blessings through ceremonial magic and gratitude.  To reconnect and to perceive the subtle life~force and spirit of the Goddess within All of life.

As we travel into heightened levels of awareness and embodiment we can shift into new vibrational states of sovereignty.  Sharing our spiritual wisdom and love through deep service on Earth as co-creators for the enrichment of our children's lives.


Always inLove, Chloe. 



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