This is a sacred nourishing sanctuary for those on the path of Unity & Love.

The temple is a sacred platform to facilitate ascension, healing and empowerment through sharing, transmitting and receiving wisdom.  This path is an intimate and deep journey and to support this we share platform for women that is private and that offers a sacred space to receive the support your current life and the path of love.

It is time to further deepen into the path of the Soul in service and to begin to share Feminine Wisdom and Rose Teachings of Love.  


It is now time to walk with Gaia consciously and to enjoy the shift through the divine feminine principles of light. To walk together as One through Love, Wisdom and Power. 

Love your Body and be grateful for this experience everyday.  

Our body is our temple which is alive and conscious and holds our spirit.  It is a sacred space for women to explore their divine and human nature as vessels of the Goddess.  This path is a choice of illumination and of diving deeply into our inner body temple and spirit through Soul Alchemy, a practice of union with our life~force. This brings forth consciousness in new ways.


We have profound soul paths and assignments in-service to all.  Forming circles of light in co~creation is nourishing our Humanity and the planet.  This is bringing about the long-awaited re-balancing of the masculine and feminine spirit and reforming our DNA and blueprint. 

The way of the Priestess is to restore our physical, mental, emotional and light bodies so as to live in our true sovereignty and power.

 All the magical practices and empowerment tools I work with are for the cultivation and connection to our life~force. They include womb activation, initiations,  soul tantra yoga,  sound,  ceremony, nature and sisterhood.  





The Path of Love (Soul Tantra)

The healing, Union and Embodiment of our divine Feminine and Masculine within.

This path is that of divine embodiment, courage, liberation and ascension of the soul and body as one. It is the healing, empowerment and love of SELF,  as the Divine Mother, the feminine and all of life. It is to honour the sacredness and the beauty of ALL our expressions~un~conditionally Loving and accepting,  integrating and freeing them into their true nature.  As Women, we have the capacity to communicate and unify at high levels of devotion and love for all,  from our delicate knowingness and sensuality.  

The soul alchemist receives the gift of union, union of the divine feminine and masculine within. (She is not doing it only for her souls growth but in service). It is a state of being,  an alignment to self~ love. It is the energy of universal love, creation, nourishment, abundance and birth and letting go.  It is our own individualised life~force and the sustenance/breath of all of creation. 

Once we have touched and contained our individualised Life~force in this ways, we begin to consciously co~create our reality. Radiating and receiving the Universal Mother energy and embrace in our every breath, though, prayer and dance.   This union is an infusion of that which is already present. The Core Light Woman (Tantrika) is simply emboding this truth in crystaline physical form. 


As she flourishes in this union, hearts open and she can experience, perceive, know and sense the oneness, the infinite and eternal Core Existence of The Divine Feminine within. 


She touches all as she magnetises and shares her love and light on her path, destiny and soul truth. 



Healing Sisterhood 


Divine union is a combination of activation meditation, breath and yoga. 

Crystalline Body Nourishment is a conscious alignment to our natural bio rhythms and the bodies own, innate intelligence. 

The Jade Egg is a tools used in conjunction with the Core Light techniques which include Core Light Yoga, Jade Egg Practice and Womb Massage.

As we balance, all comes into balance

As we still, all is still

As we open, all unfolds

As we free ourselves, we become free


Always inLove,