The Art of DivineTouch 


I touch, therefore I Am 

Divine touch is to touch life, spirit and form from the core purity within and all around. It is the conscious unification and embodiment of our bodies, heart and I Am presence as one.  This level of union and touch creates the possibility to channel pure source consciousness for the expansion, healing and empowerment of the self or another.    This is a subtle alchemical embodiment and can be cultivated for stillness, creativity,  as a physical form or to simply be with spirit more deeply.  As we touch our divine in this way we embody our soul and sovereignty in new levels of self mastery and multi~dimensionality. Heightening our conscious creation and our unity living, loving and being at ONE with all.  



To touch is to feel, and to feel is an important component of understanding our conscioussnous. The physicality of the touch from our core light has healing properties, and is utilised as an energy exchange (soul alchemy) to re-awaken ourselves.  It can invigorate new life from within and acts as a pure conduit for divine healing, power and spiritual wisdom. As we become pillars of light in our daily lives, we anchor the new energies of love and joy for ourselves, and others, in connection with our planet. 


As we master the art of soul alchemy, and live this purity, we can be of service and healing for others in their awakening.    Over the years, I have been inspired by many healing arts and have organically formed CoreLight Touch which essentially is a language of the soul.  Core Teaching Touch can be practiced as a self mediation and rejuvenation form, one on one or in a group as an interconnected web to amplify the creative universal energies.  




Sacred Touch is the expression of our sovereign I Am presence touching and affecting life and creation consciously ~

I Am your body today, NOW.


A vessel full of grace. 


As this hand touches my skin,


Light is reignited within.


The grace lifted to the surface from the core,


Ready for creativity~


To connect consciously with source once more.


Thank you for your hands,


Joined to the heart.


As i remember the Art of Touching my inner divine,


I know myself once more.


All I Am is love. 


We are one. 


For lifting light deep from within from teh dark.

Guided Self Practice Sequence

Cultivating Pure Soul Energy and life~force for the healing and expansion of All 

Core Light Touch Session 

"The sphere of divine touch"

We are a gift and as we touch our heart with love we become fully alive. We nourish ourselves with light. The Life ~source of our being. 

Each session, or practice is essentially a co-creative holistic reconnection to the soul and body as one with the divine, the sacred trinity of life. Core Teaching Touch empowers the individual(s) and their choice and will transform and bring alive our true souls gifts and mission for this incarnation. The pioneering art is offered in the purist form, bringing forth the spirit into creative expression.  The sessions can include sacred prayer and blessings to anoint the sacredness within, and to further the embodiment of the process and involve massage, such as Chi Nei Tsang, Body Alignment and Intuitive Touch. 


As part of the process and alignment, I combine Core Teaching Sound: to seal, ground and harmonise the treatment.  The sessions are are multi-dimensional by nature and detoxify the bodies, physical, emotional and mental and drain the lymphatic system and other stagnant areas of the bodies to bring about restoration and balance in a holistic manner. The purification and grounding sequences ignite our awareness to the vitality and life-force within and around us. 


The life-force is cultivated and it flows to the systems, organs and cells to create new pathways and patterns of information.  The embodiment of the restoration process brings about transformation to our deepest DNA level.  As we begin to restore, we strengthen our nervous and immune system and experience greater levels of stillness within ourselves.  As the strength increases within, our body alignments shifts in areas for example the pelvis, and we experience higher levels of balance, release of tension, back pain and muscular disharmony and new sensations of energy freely flowing and light.  A new crystalline infrastructure is formed and our inner pillar of light is ignited which includes our subtle anatomy (including our Chakras) for deeper levels of self awareness,  higher communication, self worth, clarity and spiritual wisdom.  


This is a pioneering, co-creative, empowering and deeply profound healing art where you/I/we are choosing to heal and live the divine sovereignty and light we intended to be. 


"By knowing yourself you know God. By Knowing God you know yourself"

Cultivating Pure Soul Energy and life~force for the healing and expansion of All